Workplace & Accommodation Assessments

Nearly 25% of adult Canadians say they experience some hearing loss. A whopping 10% identify as being Deaf or hard of hearing. That number soars to 50% for those who are 65 years of age and over. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise to learn that most businesses have at least one employee with who is either Deaf or hard of hearing.

Unfortunately, some people try and hide the fact that they are deaf or hard of hearing, out of fear that it could prevent career advancement or force them to take on more menial jobs, or even get them dismissed.

The fact is, people who left their jobs due to hearing loss said that if more knowledge had been available and the workplace more accommodating, they would have stayed. That’s a lot of skilled workers being forced out of their jobs.

Businesses in Alberta need to ensure that they are providing a work environment that fosters the greatest chance of success for employees who are deaf or hard of hearing. A workplace and accommodation assessment can help determine if your business has any barriers. It will also help create a work environment that is more open and understanding of what it means to be deaf or hard of hearing.

What’s Involved in a Workplace Assessment?

A workplace assessment takes place on-site where the employees work. Here, a consultant will speak to the employee about their job and what it entails, the working environment and any hurdles they may be facing. They may even test different assistive products to see what could make their work environment more accommodating.

What Happens Next?

After the assessment, the employer will be given a follow-up report that highlights different ways the workplace can be improved and create an environment where everyone can communicate and actively participate. Everyone has unique needs, so the recommendations will vary from employee to employee.

Assistive products could include phone amplifiers, telephone headsets, voice-to-text phones, wireless microphones, and background noise reducers.

Book a Workplace or Home Assessment with Deaf & Hear Alberta

If you’re in the Calgary or Edmonton areas, you can book an onsite workplace or home assessment directly through Deaf & Hear Alberta (DHA).

For more information or to make an appointment, contact us by:

Text/Fax: 403-284-6215
Voice or VRS:  403-284-6200 ext. 3

Workplace & Accommodation Assessment Fees

Edmonton and Calgary Individual Home Consultations:  $85.00 plus mileage
Out of Town Home Consultations:  $85.00 plus mileage
In-home Installation of Signaller Devices:  $85.00 plus mileage

Non Profit Assessment/Consultation:  $175.00 plus mileage
Corporate Assessment/Consultation:  $225.00 plus mileage

Workplace Assessment:  $250.00 plus mileage
Workplace Assessment Report:  $75.00
Workplace Research for Report:  $75.00

Why Book A Workplace Assessment Through DHA?

In addition to having knowledgeable consultants, DHA also has the best selection of up-to-date equipment for the deaf and hard of hearing in Alberta. Because DHA is smaller than Big Box retailers, we actually have a larger supply of assistive products and can adapt much more quickly and meet the needs of our customers.

At DHA our pricing is much more competitive than other retail outlets. Our prices either match or are priced lower than our competitors. If you find a lower price with a Canadian retailer, even if it’s on sale or at a discount, we’ll match that price.

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