Community Supports

Community Supports

Other supports may be available.

Beyond services provided by various government programs, other non-profit organizations, support groups, churches, and other groups may be of assistance to individuals who are Deaf and hard of hearing.  While certain restrictions may apply, community support is a possible avenue to consider.  Application forms and/or financial information may need to be provided in order to qualify for these supports.

These links provide information about potential funding sources for hearing aids and, if available, assistive signalling and amplification devices.  Please review the information carefully to confirm your qualifications for assistance.

Prospect/The Worx (Calgary)
The Worx is a Calgary based program that provides employment search services to Calgarians with all types of disabilities. As well as a fully accessible career center, that includes captioning, translation, and interpretation services, The Worx also offers a variety of one-to-one support services including employability assessments, career counseling, direct job placement, and education and skill training placement.

EmployAbilities (Edmonton)
EmployAbilities Career and Employment Centre (ECEC) a specialized employment support service for individuals with barriers to employment.  These barriers may include but are not limited to:

  • Mental health-related concerns such as anxiety, depression;
  • Medical conditions such as arthritis, Crohn’s disease, chronic pain and/or cancer;
  • Permanent injuries such as amputations, brain injury, back/foot problems;
  • Deaf/hard of hearing, diabetes, learning disabilities, ADD
  • And any condition that presents a barrier to employment.

The employment services ECEC provides include:

  • One on one job search supports
  • Review and/or create cover letters and resumes
  • Mock interview practice, interview supports
  • Job leads connections
  • Skills training sessions online or in person. Topics include disability disclosure, virtual interviews, employer expectations, and many more
  • Once the client is employed ECEC provides up to 6 months of retention supports
  • On-site computer access
  • Assistive technology access

On Site Placement Services (Edmonton)
On Site Placement (OSP) is a non-profit and charitable organization committed to creating career paths by providing employment and skill development services to persons with ongoing medical conditions or disabilities in the Edmonton area.

The We Belong App link. The We Belong movement is the pursuit and support in communities for meaningful, paid work opportunities for people with disabilities. The goal of the We Belong app is to reward forward-thinking businesses that hire inclusively by giving consumers a quick, easy place to find them. We hope this will inspire all businesses to hire inclusively.  Help find inclusive employers, either by mapping, searching by name, or searching by category.

Alberta Human Services – Alberta Employment First Strategy calls on governments, employers, agencies, and Albertans to work together to welcome more people with disabilities into our workplaces.  Please enjoy the free Employment First Webcast Series, an ongoing series to help Albertans understand the barriers, solutions, and benefits to employing persons with disabilities.

Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work helps persons with disabilities find a job or career, helps employers hire persons with disabilities,
and helps employers support employees with disabilities