Our Story


Why We Exist

To find solutions to the misunderstandings and communication barriers faced by Deaf, Hard of Hearing and late deafened Albertans in their everyday lives.

Our Story

In Alberta, about 40,000 of the population are Deaf and approximately 1.2 million are Hard of Hearing or late deafened – all fall on the deafness continuum. As a minority group, the need for visual access to information is often overlooked. DHA is advocating for a proactive approach to ensure ALL information is accessible to ALL Albertans. We work with governments and other partners to be part of the solution.

Bill-C81 under the Accessible Canada Act speaks to Deaf and Hard of Hearing persons having full and equal participation in society. We believe it is a right for ALL Canadians to contribute to the well-being and success of our society. DHA is here to work with the Government and other partners to remove communication barriers by providing ASL Interpretation and other products and services that support the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

When the Canada and Alberta declared a state of emergency for COVID-19, DHA provided ASL Interpreters (trained in Emergency Media Broadcasting) to support the communication of daily media briefings from Dr. Hinshaw, the Premier and Ministers. This demonstrated and reinforced Alberta’s leadership to make ALL information accessible to ALL citizens. These types of announcements, supported with ASL Interpreting and Closed Captioning, will ensure the inclusion of those Albertans on the deafness continuum and enable them to comprehend the circumstances of the Province and the impact on their daily life.

This isn’t just a cause for us. This is why we exist. We want to be part of the solution to make ALL information accessible to ALL Albertans.