Board of Directors

The Board of Directors at Deaf & Hear Alberta is a dedicated and passionate team of individuals with personal experience, expertise and connections to the causes we champion.

Cathy Freer-Leszczynski

Board Chair
Librarian - Retired

Cathy sits on the DHA Board as a means of giving back to an organization that played a major role in her own daughter’s quality of life.  Having a daughter who was born deaf, Cathy experienced firsthand support from DHA. As a former Librarian and an active Rotarian, Cathy is passionate about literacy and community development, which influences her drive to promote DHA’s offerings to other Alberta nonprofit agencies. Her goals are to support meaningful partnerships and to be instrumental in furthering the pursuit of sustainable government funding. Cathy believes DHA would also benefit by implementing learnings from COVID19 and its impact on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community.

Keith Falkenberg

Treasurer and Member of the Executive Committee
Business Consultant, CPA - Retired

Keith brings his accounting career expertise to the Board, along with his own knowledge as a Hard of Hearing person. He offers strong, financial managerial support to DHA.  Keith recognizes DHA’s progressive innovation in delivering services to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and would love to see the development of new activities and opportunities for the community. When Keith is not serving as a director for private and not for profit boards, you will find him competing at duplicate bridge.  As a competitive player, Keith would love to share this passion with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community!

Nathan Hong

Pricing and Merchandising Manager, Loblaw Companies Ltd

Nathan is strongly committed to working collaboratively with Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities to assist in removing communication barriers and to bring awareness to the challenges they face.  He is proud of DHA’s COVID19 response, online delivery, volunteer program and the launching of the eStore. He looks forward to participating in initiatives like the VRI as an additional service and hopes to be part of future community engagement events. Nathan feeds his sense of adventure by competing in dragon boat racing, and he relaxes by listening to classical music.

Lindsay McHugh

HR Advisor

Lindsay developed a passion for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community through her work with the Calgary SCOPE society.  Skilled in communication, fundraising, and leadership, Lindsay supports Deaf & Hear Alberta (DHA) in furthering its reputation as a recognized source of excellence for Deaf and Hard of Hearing support.  She is proud of DHA’s innovation with video conferencing for remote interpreting services. Lindsay’s goal for the Board is to see DHA provide more education, consultation and training aimed at the public so that the Deaf and Hard of Hearing are better understood and welcomed in society.

Kelly Tong

Financial Reporting Lead (Calgary Parking Authority)

Kelly recognizes and celebrates DHA’s value to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community.  By serving on the Board, Kelly not only contributes her work experience and expertise, she also gains personal insight into Deaf and Hard of Hearing culture.  Kelly would like to see DHA technologically advance its practice and become a more digitized organization. She looks forward to DHA enhancing its visibility to the public and hopes to raise awareness in communities beyond the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. When Kelly is not working or volunteering, you will find her developing her artistic talents in crafting, painting and woodworking.

Chris Pinter

CEO of PinterEC Technology Projects Inc.

Chris has encountered hearing challenges most of his life and appreciates the importance of creating Deaf and Hard of Hearing awareness in all communities. He is an expert in technology innovation and strategic planning. Chris enjoys contributing to strategic discussions, technology implementation and exploring new opportunities for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. He would like to see more organized social events to bring DHA and other similar organizations together. Chris loves to golf and ski and has a passion for green home construction and off grid power.

Jesse Grieder

Vice President, People & Culture – YMCA of Northern Alberta

Jesse connects personally to the Deaf community, having a father who is deaf. He wishes to explore how he can contribute to the Board in a way that champions the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community in Alberta. Jesse supports DHA’S focus on longer term community engagement and is excited about building increasing awareness and presence in the province. When Jesse is not outside enjoying a round of golf, he is spending time with his two active, young boys.


The friendly, approachable staff at Deaf & Hear Alberta take pleasure in ensuring our programs and services meet the needs of clients, customers and stakeholders throughout Alberta.

Alison Stutz

Chief Executive Officer

Alison Stutz is DHA’s CEO. She is committed to removing communication barriers and building bridges with the Deaf and hard of hearing communities across Alberta. Alison is passionate about making a real difference in people’s lives, which is what drew her to DHA. Under Alison’s leadership, DHA has been very successful in implementing their Strategic Plan including: Launching a VRI service and new e-Store, developing Emergency Media Broadcast training for Canada, and advocating for sign language interpretation at the municipal, provincial and federal levels. Alison uses her voice to ensure the needs of the Deaf and hard of hearing communities are heard. She believes that through education, bridges can be built for the hearing population to learn about hearing loss and how to effortlessly work with Deaf employees and eliminate the stigma associated with hearing loss. Alison loves her team and the people they serve every day.

Deaf Services Team

Our Deaf Services team can communicate in American Sign Language with ASL as their first language or through an ASL Interpreter.

Cindy Pilz

Deaf Services Manager

Cindy loves being part of the Deaf community and has a special place in her heart for Deaf Seniors. Cindy manages DHA’s Interpreting Services, ASL programs and Sensitivity Training. She also works individually with Deaf consumers. Cindy is passionate about supporting the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and feels strongly about DHA’s expansion to serve the community in Alberta. Cindy looks forward to more virtual service offerings and some creative changes to the Interpreting Services.

When Cindy needs to recharge, she enjoys camping, travelling, reading and baking.

Molly Mundy

Client Services Coordinator

Molly’s career began in Social Services where helping others was the key to her fulfillment. After becoming a mom, Molly sought a different career that would be just as meaningful and joined the DHA team. She is proud to be part of a diligent group of people who continuously strive to support their community. Molly’s goal is to provide excellent booking experiences for DHA consumers and interpreters. She would like to see DHA develop and grow its social program offerings.

When Molly is not at work, she spends time with family and loves to read and travel.

Marcelle Coppillie

Interpreting Services Coordinator

Marcelle is a strong advocate for communication regardless of how it transpires. She joined the DHA Team to ensure that everyone has the ability to communicate effectively despite the barriers they face. Marcelle was personally involved in recent improvements to DHA’s new leadership and investments in technology to enhance communication for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community. She plays a supportive role in DHA’s collaborative relationships.

Marcelle loves to spend time with her family and friends. She teaches swimming and First Aid. Her favourite place in the world is at home in Nova Scotia by the waves!

Marjorie Cameron

Program Coordinator

Marjorie joined Deaf & Hear Alberta in March of 2018, providing the team with office support.  She loves going to work everyday and really enjoys the people she works with. Marjorie’s career began as a Community Social Service Worker; she was a Mental Health Counsellor for 22 years in Vancouver, BC.  She is Deaf and like the work-life-balance and teamwork at DHA.  She has been actively involved in the community for many years in various roles.  She would like to see DHA develop and grow to have more Video Vlogs and access to breaking barriers on the social media network. She is doing filmmaking to use American Sign Language to communicate with all the Deaf Community in Alberta.

Marjorie teachers Signing Naturally in Vancouver, BC, Edmonton and Calgary Alberta.  She is a member and Deaf Interpreter with the Association of Sign Language Interpreters of Alberta. Marjorie is proudly Deaf and use American Sign Language.

Marjorie grew up in BC with hear hearing family in the Okanagan Valley in Vernon, BC and start learning American Sign Language at the age of 19.  Marjorie enjoys riding Harley Davidson motorcycles, canoeing, hiking, camping, traveling, yoga and meditation.

Hearing Services Team

Kathy Harrison

Accessibility Services Manager

Kathy joined Deaf & Hear Alberta in July of 2011.  Kathy is responsible for individual consultations, hearing equipment assessments, and workplace audits.  Prior to coming to Deaf & Hear Alberta, Kathy worked in customer service, and so brings her extensive set of customer service skills with her. Kathy is learning American Sign Language so as to be able to communicate at least the basics with the Deaf community.

Together with her husband, Kathy is busy with lots of extra-curricular activities with their daughters.

Sharron Nixon

Hearing Services Manager

Sharron’s goal is to help people fight the stigma of hearing loss by advocating for themselves and strengthening their relationships. Sharron joined the DHA team with an understanding that hearing loss presents new and challenging obstacles for those who experience it. Her work helps people navigate these obstacles in both social and workplace settings. She hopes to see DHA extend its programs and services to people with hearing loss in Alberta’s rural communities.

Sharron is married with two grown children. She lives with her husband and a very nosy beagle named Jedda. Sharron enjoys watching classic movies and taking landscape photos. She also likes to bake (especially cakes)!

Fund Development & Communications

Danielle Smith

Engagement and Resource Development Manager

Since beginning her career in Fund Development in 1999, Danielle has worked to support groups and organizations that are addressing issues such as literacy, natural disaster relief, world conflict issues, chronic health issues, autism and addressing the need for people to attain adequate and affordable housing. Danielle comes to Deaf & Hear Alberta with over 15 years of experience in fundraising and stakeholder engagement.  She began working with our organization in November 2014.

Danielle has 2 very ferocious dachshunds: Josephine and new puppy Arthur (Fonzarelli) that keep her busy when she is not working!

Angela Flaman

Business Development Manager, South; Exclusive Use Interpreter

Angela joined DHA to participate in collaborating with Alberta organizations to enhance programs and services for the Deaf and hard of hearing communities. She anticipates that her work with DHA will influence Deaf and hard of hearing people’s ability to access workplace accommodations.
Her hope is that they can overcome Deaf stigma and live confident, successful lives. Angela played a major role in assisting with Media Broadcasts throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. In her spare time, Angela enjoys hiking, biking, skiing, and traveling. She unwinds by spending time with family and friends at her cottage.

Kara Garner

Resource Development Coordinator

Kara sees her role as being “the trouble shooter” who helps with behind the scenes program support. She was drawn to DHA because it is a service oriented organization with a local focus. She appreciates the work-life balance she experiences as a DHA team member. Kara recognizes there are many barriers that exist for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing but trusts the innovation of DHA to make a change.

When she is not working, Kara is outdoors either walking, hiking or gardening. She also loves watching sports and traveling.

Corporate Services

Leslie Brachman

Manager, Employee & Volunteer Experience

Leslie’s career at DHA started after she worked with Deaf hospital patients. She was tired of writing notes to communicate and decided to take ASL evening classes. Eventually, after studying at college, she became a full time ASL/English interpreter. Leslie has held many roles at DHA and is enthusiastic about leading the new ‘Step Ahead’ program in her current managerial role. Leslie feels very fortunate to have such a great place to work and has a lot of fun doing what she loves.

Leslie’s hobbies include birding, reading mystery/detective novels, movies, science fiction & shopping! She is a longtime volunteer leader for Girl Guides of Canada.

Pat Clifton

Accounting Coordinator


Franco & Susan Mettimano

Maintenance Crew

Franco and Susan work behind the scenes at Deaf & Hear Alberta, doing cleaning, yard work, and handyman duties for the Calgary office. They are hard working and always up to any task set before them!