Sound Advice Program

Sound Advice Program

Our Sound Advice Program features free educational presentations that provide tools, strategies and coping skills for those living with hearing loss, and empowering them to participate and engage more fully in everyday activities.

Managing Your Hearing Loss

Frustrated trying to interact with others?

Participants will learn how hearing loss impacts communication and how to find practical solutions. We will discuss assistive technology and skills for adapting communication.

Feel free to bring your family or a friend, as including your support network is crucial to effective communication and quality of life.

This class is free.

We can come to you!  If your group is interested in hosting a Managing Your Hearing Loss presentation at a location of your choice, email to discuss your preferred dates or for more information.  We will do our best to accommodate as many people as possible.

Hearing Matters

Join us to learn about hearing health!

We will cover a brief overview of the auditory system and how changes within the system affect hearing, how to arrange a hearing test, and a brief overview on technology to assist with one’s hearing loss.

This interactive presentation is suitable for those with or without hearing loss to gain a better understanding of hearing health.

For more information please contact

Live with and Love your Hearing Aids

Getting hearing aids is not the end of the road.  Come to learn what else you can do!

This presentation is ideal for those who have hearing aids, those considering hearing aids, and for anyone who may know someone using hearing aids.

Unlike eyeglasses, hearing aids are not an instant fix.  Using additional strategies in conjunction with hearing aids will help individuals receive the most benefit.

This presentation will discuss what other communication strategies, coping mechanisms and lifestyle changes you can pair with hearing aids to improve communication.  Other assistive technology that you can use with hearing aids will also be discussed.

Contact to discuss your preferred dates or for more information.  We will do our best to accommodate as many people as possible.

Lipreading From A to Z - Live Interactive Online Classes

For anyone who is hard of hearing and particularly for those who find themselves struggling to keep up with conversations. It is a challenge in noisy environments or when multiple people are speaking, to hear every word. There are blanks that we need to fill in order to understand what the conversation is about. One way to help us to keep up with our friends and family’s conversations is to learn the skill of lipreading.

Deaf & Hear Alberta now offers a comprehensive course for the hard of hearing individual to assist with communication through lipreading. This introductory video explains the basic principles of lip reading and the reasons to take the classes. The skill of lipreading is a learned skill and takes time and patience and practice to learn.

These classes are taught online by a certified instructor and the thorough workbook that is included allows participants to practice at their own pace between classes.

The course covers 4 complete modules and is taught in 12 live – interactive online sessions. Recordings of each session will be available afterwards for practice.

Lipreading is one tool that is used to help with communication. The classes teach how to use context, body language and speech patterns to “fill in the blanks” of conversations.

All you will need to participate is access to the internet and a computer or laptop to attend the classes.

Book a Presentation in the Community

Our aim is to raise awareness about hearing health and hearing loss. We can customize the general overview to your needs. This could be covering communication strategies in a healthcare setting or everyday conversation. Our general overview class covers the effects of hearing loss and next steps.

If you would like to discuss a class or book a session, please contact