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Virtual Remote Interpreting

Virtual/video remote interpretation for your appointments, meetings and interviews 

How VRI or virtual/video remote interpretation (VRI) can help you or your business 

Virtual/video remote interpretation (VRI) is a new service offered by DHA. VRI will help you connect virtually through video with an ASL interpreter to bridge your communication needs. VRI can help support:

Access to virtual interpretation

• Local, qualified and professional American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreters

• Our VRI platform is encrypted to ensure the highest confidentiality.

• A way to clearly see facial expressions

Quality video streaming

• Access to ASL interpreters anywhere with an internet connection

• A low to no-cost option (inquire to see if you qualify for free access to this service) 

How do I access VRI?

| Connect to DHA’s VRI through email or call 1-866-471-2805. 

| Click the link you are sent to set-up your username and password in the system, and schedule your ASL interpreter. 

| Confirm your pre-booked appointment in the system.

| Communicate at your appointment, meeting or interview using VRI or virtual video interpretation in real-time. 

Request Virtual Remote Interpretation

What is VRI or virtual remote interpreting?

We use webcams to connect you with an ASL interpreter available in real time for your communication needs. 

When should I access the VRI service? 

VRI can support your communication needs for all types of appointments, meetings and even interviews. Pre-book your ASL interpreter to ensure availability. A great service to access when an in-person interpreter isn’t available. 

Who are DHA interpreters? 

Local, qualified and professional ASL interpreters are ready to serve you. 

What technology do I need to access VRI? 

All you and/or the person you are meeting with needs is a computer, tablet or smartphone. 

How much is this service? 

VRI is a cost-effective option for businesses and employers. 

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