Assistive Technology

Assistive Listening Devices (ALD) are products that can be used with your hearing aids to help a person communicate better. They also provide extra help in challenging environments where it can be noisy or acoustics are more challenging than usual, this can include restaurants, gymnasiums, auditoriums, theatres, and social gathers or other live events. They can even help with your at home, day-to-day life, like hearing an alarm clock. Assistive Technology Devices do not replace hearing aids, instead, they are provide extra help, allowing you to communicate more meaningfully.

Amplified Phones

Amplified phones are the most common type of ALD, helping those who have difficulty hearing when they talk on the telephone. Most amplified phones have built-in adjustable volume setting and adjustable tone control, allowing the user to better adjust how they hear the other person’s voice. Amplified phones also have a ringer volume that is extra loud. Like any traditional phone, amplified phones come in a variety of styles, with features like memory dial and built-in speaker phone. Not all amplified phones are created equal. They are designed to help different levels of hearing loss. In most cases, it’s better to get an amplified phone with higher amplification, which means you can always turn the volume down.

Hearing Protection

Workplace noise is the biggest cause of permanent hearing loss in Canada. On top of that, background noise changes the way your ear functions. This makes it that much more challenging for someone who is hard of hearing, even in setting where noise levels are considered normal. In noisy work environments, standard hearing protection doesn’t work the same as hearing protection designed for someone who is hearing impaired does. Furthermore, some people who are hard of hearing still like to wear their hearing aids in noise workplaces. Hearing protection designed specifically for those who are hard of hearing includes headsets specifically designed for children and babies and headsets compatible with other listening devices and phone amplifiers.

Personal Hearing Amplifiers

Personal hearing amplifiers are small listening devices that are worn in the ear and help enhance the ability to hear, communicate, and interact more fully with others, whether in small groups or if you’re talking to someone one-on-one. Hearing amplifiers are very different from hearing aids. Hearing aids are designed for each user, personal sound amplifiers on the other hand are designed to boost all environmental sounds. That makes them perfect for keeping an ear on children or babies or for use in classrooms or other setting where you are a ways away from the speaker.

Alerting Devices

Personal alerting devices are products that take the place of common items in our home, like alarm clocks, doorbells, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, oven timers, and baby monitors. These alerting devices notify you with loud sounds, lights, flashing strobes, or vibrations. Amplified clocks are one of the most popular alerting devices; they have an extra loud alarm. To make sure that even the heaviest sleeper wakes up on time, they can also come with a pillow or mattress shaker.