May is Hearing Loss Awareness Month.  In recognition of this,  we have compiled a list of the common problems that people with a hearing loss experience and solutions that help people just like you enjoy a more comfortable and independent life.

I have trouble hearing people in a group conversation.  Solution: Personal Amplifier or Pocketalker® – This handy device is great to use in small group conversations with family and friends. It is also very easy to use at the doctor’s office, pharmacy or even in the car.  This small, portable, battery operated device will amplify sound and can be used with or without hearing aids.

I can’t hear what people are saying on the telephone. Solution: Amplified Telephone – These specialized phones allows you to adjust the tone and turn up the volume to better hear what is said.

I don’t hear the phone when it rings.  Solution: Flashing Telephone Signaler – Never miss another phone call!  When your phone rings a bright flashing light will alert you to the incoming call.

I cannot get a goodnight’s sleep because I am worried I won’t hear my alarm clock go off.     Solution: Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker – You can sleep well knowing you won’t miss hearing this loud alarm. It also comes with a very strong vibrating disk to wake even the deepest sleeper.

I didn’t hear the doorbell and missed the Home Care nurse and the delivery person.    Solution: Flashing Doorbell Signaler – Never miss an important delivery or visitor again. A flashing doorbell signaler flashes a bright light to tell you when someone is at your door.

I can’t hear the sound of my smoke alarm or carbon monoxide detector alarm any longer.  Solution: Flashing Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Signaler – Smoke and Carbon Monoxide are deadly, so you have no time to waste evacuating your home when your alarm goes off.  A wireless system will alert you day and night with a bright flashing strobe light and a strong vibrating disk that will wake you from a deep sleep.

My TV has to be so loud that it disturbs other people.  Solution: TV Listening System – An audio listening system will allow you to listen at a volume that is right for you without disturbing others.

The constant buzzing, roaring and hissing of Tinnitus keeps me awake at night.  Solution: Sound Conditioner –   A constant soothing sound can help to cancel out the other noises to help you get a better night’s sleep.

I have trouble hearing people speak at a meeting or in a noisy environment. Solution: Phonak® Roger Pen Microphone:  A wireless microphone system that helps people to understand more speech in noise and over distance.  Great for meetings, pair with your Bluetooth® cell phone, for the TV or multimedia listening. Works with most hearing aids.

Hear Alberta offers free individual consultations at our Calgary office.  We will review your hearing loss with you, as well as help you deal with your frustrations, learn to communicate more easily, maintain your independence, and better hear the world around you.

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