Lip Reading from A to Z

Lipreading from A to Z

Please contact Sharron Nixon at if you need assistance.

Thanks to generous support from Calgary Learns, DHA can provide financial assistance to adults that cannot afford these programs.  This assistance can be offered to residents of Calgary only at this time.

Learn to lip read in a friendly and fun atmosphere. Gain increased confidence while working with people with similar hearing loss.

Through thoughtful discussion, online coaching, and e-learning, this course allows you to learn something new. A computer or tablet with a video camera and an internet connection is required to participate.

In addition to theory and practice, we offer information about hearing loss, assistive devices, and coping strategies.

Taught by a certified instructor, this course takes approximately 18 hours to complete, not including self-paced practice time.

Funding is available through Calgary Learns for qualified individuals. Please contact Sharron (Email or text 403-284-6209) for funding information.

Lipreading from A to Z

This course is for you if you are:

  • hard of hearing and struggling to keep up with conversations
  • challenged in noisy environments or when multiple people are speaking
  • trying to hear every word of a conversation
  • lacking confidence in social situations
  • finding yourself avoiding activities you used to enjoy

There are blanks that we need to fill in order to understand what the conversation is about.  Lipreading is one tool that is used to help with communication. These classes teach you how to use context, body language, and speech patterns to “fill in the blanks” of conversations.

These classes are taught online by a certified instructor and the thorough workbook that is included allows participants to practice at their own pace between classes.

Bonuses Included: 

  • Private recordings of each session will be available afterward for practice.
  • Free membership in the private Deaf & Hear Alberta Facebook Peer Mentoring Group
  • Discounts on selected Deaf & Hear Alberta products

Refunds will not be issued, however, credit towards the next session will be applied.

5 Easy Steps to Start Lipreading

Receive our free e-book that describes the 5 first steps to take to start lipreading.  Learn a proven method that will help you overcome  some of the common barriers that people with hearing loss face.