Saturday, June 20th is Neighbour Day.

It is even more important now with the COVID-19 distancing to still stay connected. There are some ideas to help you and your neighbours stay safe and connected.

  1. Decorate your home – the yard, balcony, porch, or windows with red and white. You can leave them up for Canada Day as well.
  2. Organize a Driveway Happy Hour get together. Bring your lawn chairs and favourite beverages to the end of the drive and wave. Walk up the street and, keeping your safe distance, have a conversation and catch-up session, admire their garden, etc.
  3. Organize a Neighbourhood Dinner party in your driveway. Bring out a table and your dinner –  great way to learn some new meal ideas or great take-out places from your neighbours.
  4. You can add the “I Spy” game as you walk through the neighbourhood. Examples:
    1. How many yellow cars? Red trucks? Blue SUV’s?
    2. How many dogs? Cats?
    3. How many people are wearing hats/caps?  Etc.

In Calgary, you can post your pictures to social media with the hashtag #YYCNeighbourDay. For more information and ideas, you can visit their website:

When you are sharing your pictures to social media, make sure to tag #DeafandHearAlberta in your posts as well. We would love to see how you are celebrating Neighbour Day.

Please remember to stay safe: however you decide to celebrate Neighbour Day, make sure you follow the most recent Alberta Health Orders and Guidelines, and learn how to visit safely with others. To double-check, follow these guidelines: