Imagine you are a student struggling to hear the teacher and have learned how to lip-read, but when the teacher turns her back, you can’t understand a thing…

Imagine yourself as a senior living happily and independently, when you suddenly lose all of your hearing and your dreams of independent living vanish into thin air…

Imagine putting yourself at risk because you do not hear the smoke alarm, the phone, the door bell…

Imagine the frustration when you cannot follow a conversation amongst a group of friends out for dinner because the restaurant is so noisy, and you respond with an answer that doesn’t make any sense…

Imagine you are a new mother who can’t hear her baby cry…

Imagine that all the sounds you used to enjoy — music, bird-song, the wind rustling through the leaves, words of endearment from loved ones — are suddenly gone, and gone forever…



At Deaf & Hear Alberta, we understand the fear, frustration, loneliness and isolation experienced by those who are Deaf or hard of  hearing.  Our mission helps to bring together Deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing Albertans with service and technology solutions to advance access and opportunity.

Whether it’s a piece of assistive listening equipment, coping strategies, information or insight, your gift will impact those who access our services in a lasting way.


Communication is our lifeline to the outside world.  The work we do helps to break down communication barriers, whether it is through  a face-to-face interaction or by incorporating assistive technology.

Some of the ways your gift will be put to work:

  • Provide equipment for low income hard of hearing individuals so they can communicate with family, friends caregivers, and be productively engaged in the community
  • Provide awareness and prevention education to youth and young adults to protect and preserve their hearing so that their futures are not compromised
  • Provide highly skilled interpreters to facilitate communication so Deaf individuals will be able to enjoy weddings, ceremonies, events, lectures, arts and entertainment
  • Help families with Deaf children learn critical skills in American Sign Language to be able to communicate effectively within the family and begin the all-important early learning development process
  • Provide Hearing Loss Prevention programs for Alberta children and youth to ensure that they do not suffer from permanent noise induced hearing loss

A corporate gift boosts the power of what we can accomplish — improving lives through the gift of communication.  A variety of opportunities allow corporations to support programs that closely align with their business and community priorities and help build healthier, stronger communities.

The demographics that are Deaf and hard of hearing are truly astounding.  Over 730,000 Albertans are hard of hearing and over 38,000 Albertans are Deaf or deafened.  More shocking is that one in five adolescents have developed a permanent noise induced hearing loss – and it’s completely preventable.

Once thought to be the scourge of old age, increasingly, hearing loss is a phenomenon occuring in children and youth.   With more support, we will be able to increase our education and prevention efforts and do a better job educating our children and youth to prevent permanent hearing loss.

Age-related hearing loss is increasing along with the baby boomers approaching their senior years.  Unfortunately, a hearing loss is something that is usually denied or ignored for too long; research from audiologists show that it takes five to seven years for someone to admit they have a hearing loss, and to do something about it.  Early identification and intervention can help avoid all those years of struggle, frustration and embarrassment.  Solutions do exist.

Because the language of the Deaf is a visual, not a verbal, one, communication between the Deaf community and the hearing world presents unique challenges.  Difficulties in acquiring equal access to communication for the Deaf leads to lower education and employment rates and therefore a reduced lifetime income.  Research indicates that a Deaf student completing high school graduates with a Grade 3 or 4 reading level.  Early intervention literacy programs need to increase as we know that early intervention provides the strongest return on investment.

The ability to effectively communicate impacts every aspect of our life.  With powerful education and early intervention programs and the provision of appropriate communication devices, we can reduce hearing loss and the associated stigma, or provide early intervention in literacy education for Deaf children.

An investment in Deaf and Hear Alberta will help us achieve those goals and will provide a solid social return on investment.  Address your philanthropic objectives by helping to reduce or remove communication barriers for the Deaf or hard of hearing.  Consider supporting our organization with a tax-effective donation.

Planned giving refers to a deferred gift that a person decides to give at some future date, as outlined in a legal contract.  These gifts can be made in many forms, such as cash donations, annuities, trust funds, real estate, business interests or proceeds of a life insurance policy.  Funds from planned gifts can be designated for current funding needs or a specific program or service and provide donors with great charitable tax benefits.


Donating online is as easy as 1-2-3. Simply follow this link to donate to Deaf & Hear Alberta. Here, you can make a one time donation, or set up monthly donations. Following your online donation, a tax receipt will be emailed to you.


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Many companies today demonstrate strong corporate social responsibility by supporting charitable organizations and encourage their employees to share this responsibility through donor matching programs.


Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduation:  turn your personal celebration into a memorable party by giving to Deaf & Hear Alberta.  Whether it’s a 50th birthday party, a 25th wedding anniversary, or a grandchild’s graduation, consider a donation in lieu of asking your guests for gifts.


A gift of securities can deliver significant tax advantages,
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Your corporate sponsorship is invited for programs that focus on education, awareness, prevention and advocacy.  Depending on your corporate focus, sponsorship support can be aligned with programs targeted to children, youth, families or seniors.


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When a loved one dies, the family may request that a memorial gift be given to a designated charity, often in lieu of flowers.  Memorial gifts offer a great opportunity to support a cause important to the loved one and remember someone in a way that has more lasting benefits.


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Deaf & Hear Alberta is a registered charitable organization.  Our Charitable Registration number is 107009409RR0001.

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