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How Hearing Loss Affects Veterans

“Nearly everyone who serves in the military will be exposed to hazardous noise levels at some point in their career” this according to a report in Military Medical Research (an open access, peer-reviewed journal).

Noise injuries occur in one of two ways:

  1. High level, short duration exposure to sounds exceeding more than 140dB causing inner ear tissue damage or;
  2. Long term exposure to low level noise that damages the cochlea.

As we remember our veterans this week, let’s be aware that hearing loss and tinnitus are common disabilities among them. Many veterans have irreversible hearing loss because of continuous exposure to loud noise, engine rooms, armaments, heavy machinery, and vehicles.  Ear protection protocols have since been introduced in the military and police departments; however, research shows that only one third wear the recommended hearing protection.

Learn more. Read the article here.

Veterans Affairs Canada compensates veterans for partial or full hearing loss and tinnitus caused or aggravated by military service.  If you are a veteran, it is a good idea to check with Veterans Affairs Canada to assess your coverage under the Pension Act or the Veterans Well-being Act

Check it out here.

Do you know a veteran who is looking for some support? Why not tell them about our FCSS funded Peer-to-Hear Program? Peer to Hear creates supportive relationships between people with hearing loss and trained volunteer mentors.  The mentors provide information, practical strategies, and encouragement. Mentorship can be one-on-one or in a group.  The program is currently available online while we adhere to COVID-19 protocols. For more details, contact Sharron Nixon.

Veterans with hearing loss may also benefit from our Lipreading from A to Z course. Taught by a qualified speechreading instructor, you learn lip reading techniques that help especially in social situations. The classes are live, interactive and online. Visit our website to register.

We also offer Accessibility Services to people looking for help with communication, tinnitus relief, or home safety. Our Accessibility Manager, Kathy, personally assists with in-person consultations to personalize equipment that works for you.  Contact Kathy to set up an in-person or online appointment. You can also visit our fully accessible online store.

Let’s remember our veterans and continue to support them through awareness, conversation and action.